EIG Global Energy (Europe) Limited
20 St. James’s Street, 7th Floor
London, UK SW1A 1ES
+44 207 399 0910

The investment professionals residing in EIG's London office are responsible for opportunities throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East with a focus on renewable energy markets and upstream oil & gas. EIG has invested extensively in renewable sectors globally to include onshore wind, offshore wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, ethanol and biogas. EIG's London team is also sensitive to traditional energy sector opportunities in Europe. For example, we believe that infrastructure needs for natural gas are expected to continue to grow in Europe for the foreseeable future as well as the redevelopment of mature oil and gas fields in the North Sea. Furthermore, in addition to an increasing need of natural gas for power generation, natural gas is also Europe's main heating fuel, providing over one-third of final energy use in the residential sector. EIG has been active in Europe since 1996. EIG's Head of Power and Renewable Energy is located in London.