EIG's energy funds focus on providing hybrid debt and structured equity financing solutions to energy projects and companies on a global basis. The funds target directly negotiated private transactions with mid- and large-cap energy companies and projects with an emphasis on transactions underpinned by hard assets, such as proven oil and gas reserves, pipelines, gathering systems, processing facilities, liquefied natural gas terminals, power plants, alternative energy and similar opportunities. The funds have the ability to invest in U.S. dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Canadian dollars and Australian dollars.


EIG and The Noble Group (“Noble”), have joined together to form a new company, Harbour Energy, Ltd. (“Harbour”), which focuses on making control and near control investments in upstream and midstream companies, primarily outside of the United States. Harbour operates at the confluence of three major trends in the global energy industry – new sources of supply, changing trade patterns and changes in the commodity trading industry causing traditional financial intermediaries to exit and independent physical energy trading houses to gain in importance. Harbour is entirely managed by EIG but benefits from Noble’s industry leading expertise in energy trading, logistics and risk management.


EIG's credit/direct lending vehicles target higher credit quality project finance instruments. These vehicles provide senior and high yield loans to energy and infrastructure projects and companies on a global basis.