Getting Started

EIG will consider an investment in any energy project or company globally and will also invest throughout the capital structure from senior debt to common equity. Getting started is as easy as contacting a member of our investment team.

Our funds focus on providing development capital for projects or companies developing specific assets where EIG is able to commit a minimum of $100 million. Our firm has the capacity to commit in excess of $1 billion to an individual transaction. We invest in companies and projects across the energy value chain - upstream oil and gas, including offshore, midstream, other energy infrastructure, power and renewables.  While investments made on behalf of the funds are typically in the form of hybrid debt or structured equity, we have the capacity to invest in common and convertible preferred equity as well.

When initially contacting EIG it is recommended that you prepare a brief written description of following:

  • the amount and type of capital being sought,
  • the nature of the opportunity,
  • the status of the project,
  • key management,
  • technical reports or market studies.

We have investment professionals who specialize in specific subsectors (oil & gas, power and renewables, midstream, e.g.) and some that specialize in certain geographies (Europe, Asia, Latin America, e.g.).