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Over the past decade, EIG has thoughtfully developed a quiet yet purposeful commitment to integration of ESG factors throughout our business.



Integration of ESG factors into our investment and engagement process with portfolio companies has been a focus of EIG’s since 2010. In 2018, we started assessing our program with fresh eyes and implementing new programs, including the enhanced collection of data from our portfolio companies. Access to more complete and comprehensive ESG-related information allows us to more readily inform our clients about the ESG performance of our portfolio and improves our ability to influence positive ESG practices within our investments.

We aim to maximize the transparency of portfolio and overall fund ESG performance over time.

ESG Governance Feedback Loop

Our approach is cyclical in nature, dominated by the continuous feedback of our clients and portfolio companies. As we collect more information from our portfolio companies pertaining to their ESG performance, we work to critically analyze how these factors are distributed across our funds and shift over time.

ESG Committee

The ESG Committee, formed in 2013, is a gating body for approval to proceed with each proposed EIG investment. We have six standing voting members, an seventh rotating voting member, and a Committee Secretary.