Forestalia is a business group founded in Zaragoza, Spain, and is entirely dedicated to renewable energies such as wind, photovoltaic and biomass both nationally and internationally.


Opdenergy (OPDE) is headquartered in Spain and since 2005 has been dedicated to the development, construction and operation of renewable energy assets across Europe and the Americas.

The portfolio companies shown represent substantially all of EIG's investments in energy portfolio companies made since 2010, realized and unrealized, as of March 31, 2023. The specific portfolio companies identified are not representative of all of the portfolio companies purchased, sold, or recommended for the funds and it should not be assumed that the investment in the portfolio companies identified was or will be profitable. Actual holdings will vary for each fund and there is no guarantee that a particular fund will hold any or all of the portfolio companies listed. A list of all investments is available upon request.